Lachlan – my youngest

I have three children and they are all terrific. I think they are cool and love watching as they grow up and learn new skills. Today I have Lachlan at home by himself whilst the girls are at school…and I wanted to share this special little man.

He will be three in May and is the happiest, most sociable little boy. He loves being alive and shares his spirit with everyone around him, from our closest friends to an old man sitting on a bench. Today we were swimming in the pool (it is hot, hot, hot today!) and he wanted to pratice his diving sticks. He is an amazing swimmer for his age and can swim from one end of the pool to the other. Anyway, I would throw the sticks to the bottom of the pool and we would race to get them. As he was reaching them, I would pretend to grab them from him. He thought this was hilarious and kept laughing underwater. We did this several times and he laughed every time – it was great fun…although I don’t know how he manages to laugh so loudly underwater!

Reflecting, it makes me so happy to hear the laughter of my children. It is so special and I feel so privileged to be the one that hears them laughing the most. May they have many reasons to laugh for the rest of their lives…it is definitely good for the soul 🙂


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The Beautiful Child Project

I was inspired to begin this blog purely as a place to reflect on how wonderful our children are. Feel free to add your comments and especially to reflect on the beauty you see within your own child.

I am a believer in the saying “What we focus on expands” and when we focus on the good in our children this too will grow. Sometimes in our most difficult parenting moments we need to be reminded of the beauty and wonder that is in our children. Use this space to see this in your children  

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